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A number of publications have been prepared for information and instruction of air quality consultants and those using OSB Lab for VOCs determination. The subjects covered include method protocols, equipment, application interferences and limitations, performance research and quality assurance.

OSB Lab Technical Documents


   -Indoor Sampling

   -Managing Indoor Air


  -Technical Documents
  -VOC Analytical
  -Chain of Custody
*Calibration Assurance QC-VOC
       Memorandum - html, pdf
         Surrogate QC Template (5972 atd)
- html, pdf
       Surform QC Template (5972) - html, pdf
       Surform QC Template (5973) - html, pdf
*Data Analysis Scan Protocol Memorandum - html, pdf
*SW846 Sampling Guide/Method Memorandum - html, pdf
*Vinyl Chloride Detection Memorandum - html, pdf
*Managing Moisture Problems Memorandum - html, pdf
*Design of Multisorbent Tubes-GCBs & CMSs
         Memorandum - html, pdf
       Diagrams - pdf
       Absorbents - pdf
       VOST Charcoal Specification Study - pdf
       Vinyl Chloride Analysis VC 9907 - html, pdf
*Sampling Volume Guidelines - html, pdf
*Scrubbing Out SO2
       Memorandum - html, pdf
       Comparison of Chromatogram 1 - pdf
       Comparison of Chromatogram 2 - pdf
       Comparison of Chromatogram 3 - pdf
*OSB VOC Air Pollutant Chemical Lists: MasterList - html
*Target Lists and Templates - html
*TVOCs Definitions - html, pdf
*OSB LAB Multimedia Adsorbent Tube Sampling
  Instructions for Pumps - html, pdf
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*Chain of Custody Record - pdf