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OSB Lab started testing for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in 1995. Based on previous experience, the partner chemists of the firm determined that the potential of VOC analysis as an indicator of air quality had not been developed adequately. Other laboratories were reporting target lists founded in water and soil pollution characterization. OSB Lab decided that air quality assessments required a custom approach defining each individual situation with its own parameter list. Methods were established to suit real air quality issues. The OSB team includes chemists, environmental scientists, air quality consultants, industrial hygiene and building science professionals.





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OSB Lab provides VOC analysis...  
-Analysis of gas bags, multisorbent tubes, charcoal tubes and mixed media by GC-MSD
-Transfer procedures using adsorption thermal desorption (ATD) and Carbon Disulphide (CS2) extraction
-Dilution methods incorporate gas sample splitting using capillary critical orifices at each transfer point   
-Custom product degassing and total water matrix purge and trap for special applications
-Quantitation using internal standards referenced to individual chemical response factors  

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  -TVOCs reported similar to European researchers Molhave-Clausen recommendations        
-USEPA Compendium Methods TO-1, TO-2, and TO-17
-USEPA SW846 Method 8260B compatible with Methods 0030 (VOST), 0031 (SMVOC), 0040 (Tedlar Bags), and 5041A (VOST)
-USEPA Method 18 CFR 40 PART 60 Appendix A  
-NIOSH Method 2549 with quantitation as well as identification
-NIOSH Methods 1450, 1500, 1501 and 1003 CS2 extraction (MSD replaces FID)
-SCAN mode and SIM mode
-Vinyl Chloride SIM mode with MDL 0.014ng absolute
-Target list combination TO-14/EPA624/MOE available in SCAN and SIM modes for special applications and detection