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   -Indoor Air Quality
   -Emission Sources





Specific checklists should be developed for the following types of compliance areas, if they are applicable to the facility:

- Air emissions
- Waste generation and disposal
- PCB handling and storage
- Wastewater treatment and discharge
- Certificates of Approval
- Canadian Environmental Protection Act New Substances Notification
- National Pollutant Release Inventory
- Ontario Regulation 127 Reporting
- Pesticide use
- Asbestos handling, disposal
- Solid waste reduction and disposal


   -Indoor Sampling

   -Managing Indoor Air


  -Technical Documents
  -VOC Analytical
  -Chain of Custody
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- Spill contingencies and reporting
- Soil and groundwater contamination
- Underground storage tank management
- Surface water runoff
- Incident reporting
- Confined space entry
- Workplace atmospheric air monitoring
- TDG - Transport of Dangerous Goods
- WHMIS - Workplace Hazardous Materials Information
- Lockout / Tagout procedures
- Hazard or risk analysis
- First aid facilities
- Operating permits
- Safety training
- Workplace inspections

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Specific checklists should also be developed to assess the effectiveness of EHS management systems:

- Corporate environmental, health and safety (EHS) policy
- Commitment and accountability of senior management
- Performance objectives, annual reviews, reward systems
- Availability of current EHS regulations for reference (these are now available on CD ROMs with fast search capabilities)
- Site history
- Internal reporting systems
- Emergency response and crisis management processes
- Community communication
- Tracking and follow-up of recommendations