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OSB Services/Lab

2759 Thamesgate Dr.   Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4T 1G5
Phone: 905 677 0022
Fax: 905 677 0029

OSB Services began operations in 1993 and OSB Lab followed in 1995 specializing in analysis of volatile organic compounds. The OSB team includes chemists, environmental scientists, air quality consultants, industrial hygiene and building science professionals. OSB offers comprehensive integrated air quality assessments for a broad range of applications. We can offer balanced and cost-effective solutions to complex air quality problems.
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OSB Chooses...
- Experienced professionals who have worked in the environmental industry since 1971.
- Dedicated firm equipped to meet today's challenges of our environment specializing in commercial and industrial air quality problems.
- In-house laboratory facilities with gas chromatography- mass spectrometry for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
- Streamlined and focused reporting methods.
- Customized work programs for complex chemical emissions.
- Rapid response and turn-around time for critical situations.
    - Open consultation process with clients to better define actual problems.